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Pretzel Logic Presented by Jus-Jellin

Pretzel Logic Presented by Jus-Jellin
Thursday, May 2 • 7:30 PM

Presented By

Steely Dan Tribute – Pretzel Logic

Band Bios

At the nexus of jazz, blues and rock lies Steely Dan, the musicians’ band. Pretzel Logic is a nine-piece band whose dedicated members play with a passion the music of Steely Dan, whose legendary hits include: “Reelin’ in the Years”, “Josie”, and “Peg”.

Since 1992, Pretzel Logic has been executing their special interpretation and presentation of Steely Dan’s music.  Pretzel Logic has been consistently filling two of Toronto’s most important live music rooms, The Orbit and Timothy’s for several years.  The band becomes even more dynamic when they do festivals and have a bigger stage to facilitate their higher energy performances.  It is remarkable how easily the band delivers Steely Dan’s complex yet intoxicating arrangements.  Combine strong players on every chair with excellent vocals and you have one of the most dynamic tribute bands to ever hit the stage. 

The music of Steely Dan crosses many musical boundaries. From their jazzy horn lines and smooth vocals, to rock guitar licks and funky grooves, their appeal is wide ranging. With an array of classic songs that ease you into your seat, and upbeat tunes that get you dancing, Steely Dan’s repertoire has an impact on everyone.

All proceeds from this event go to the Peterborough Musicians Benevolent Association 

Musicians Helping Musicians!

The PMBA was founded by the late Phil Marshall 10 years ago. Our organization operates as a "Not for Profit" and is staffed entirely by volunteers. The PMBA holds monthly fundraisers on the 3rd Saturday of every month at Dr. J's in downtown Peterborough. We provide funds to local musicians who are experiencing health, dental problems or just down on their luck.

Check us out on Facebook.

Here’s what people are saying about Pretzel Logic:

“The last Thursday of every month at the Orbit Room, is one of the greatest nights out in Toronto. A collection of fantastic studio musicians playing Steely Dan’s music as good as the original band. Huge respect.”
–John Brunton CEO of Corus Ent.

“Pretzel Logic were amazing. Had them for a celebration. No one Sat down the entire evening and never stopped singing. We will have them back.”
–David Kosoy chairman and CEO of Sterling Financial

“When I originally hired Pretzel Logic I told them that as long as people came to see the band they would have a gig at the Orbit Room. That was 13 years ago and people are still lining up to see them.”
–Tim Notter-owner of The Orbit Room

Wow!! Pretzel Logic, what a dynamic group of musicians: brilliant musicianship,killer vocals: and just for good measure a ton of fun. Thanks guys …awesome band
–Alan Frew – Glass Tiger 
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